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💛 Thanks everyone for the great response on our album Be My Reactor!

This album is very important to us, because it feels personal, heavy and light at the same time. It really warms our hearts to see and hear your reactions.

However, it’s quite bittersweet, because this album will also be our last album. After an incredible 7 years, we’ve collectively decided to close the curtains on EUT. It's not a decision we've taken lightly, but it feels like the natural progression for us as a band.

We will remain close friends and have great respect and love for each other, and each other’s individual journeys ahead.

But before we say our final goodbyes, we want to celebrate our music and love for music one last time, and we will do so in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam on October 17th (never has the name of a venue been more fitting). It would mean the world to us if we’d see your face in the crowd❤️‍🔥!


Lots of love,

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